A Key Worth Gold
Quest Giver: Everit (Plagued Grounds: A1) Location: Plagued Grounds: A1
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Unlocks more of Plagued Grounds
180,000 Experience
60 Gold
Before Quest:

To get to the hidden dungeon, walk onto this spot.

Hey, how did you find this place? Well if you're here for that treasure, good luck...where it is has been overtaken by rabid bats.
I do have something you might find of some use though...a key!
Here, I'll tell you defeat the enemies and we split the treasure. But I will also give you this key!
What do you say?

During Quest:

You don't like my deal?

After Quest:

Well done...and just as I promised, here is your money and key.

Note: Entrance to the quest is the white snow area on the top-right edge of the well in A1 of Plagued Grounds.

Find the mysterious entrance to a place with a treasure.

Accumulated 9670 XP, 8080 Silver

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