NPC Information
Captain Chris
Name: Captain Chris
Location: Underworld: F1
Description: Captain Chris is the first person players meet in the Underworld.
Arr Matey!

The ship me and my crew were on sank here many years ago. been starnded down here with my pet otter ever since

Be careful, is's very dangerous in here.

Just below us, there is a cave with some monsters in it, defeat it and I'll let you feed my otter, when my otter is fully fed I'll let you know how to get out of here!

  1. Welcome to the Underworld
  2. Feed the Otter 1
  3. Feed the Otter 2
  4. Feed the Otter 3
  5. Feed the Otter 4
  6. Feed the Otter 5
  7. Underworld Invasion! (non-repeatable arena)

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