There are 2 currencies in Sacred Seasons: Gold Gold and Silver Silver. Silver is the free currency.

Ways to get gold Edit

There are many ways of acquiring gold, including free methods.

Free ways:Edit

  1.  Repeatable quests (such as WHA, SVA, BRA etc.)
  2. or non-repeatable quests (such as BI, BI2, UWI etc.)
  • Winning an in-game event with gold reward like the Halloween Event [1]
  • Completing free gold offers
  • Referring friends (+20 gold once he reaches lvl 10, +80 once he reaches lvl 100)
  • On the Facebook version, you can get gold by getting friends playing

Non-free ways:Edit

  • Buying Gold via
  1. Kreds (on Kongregate)
  2. PayPal
  3. Credit Card
  4. Cell Phone/Phone

The use of goldEdit

Gold is, besides ads (like on Kongregate) the only ways to finance Sacred Seasons (to keep the servers running etc.).That's why the best Weapons, all Hats and all Clothing cost Gold.

Gold to Kreds to $USD ratioEdit

Site Gold Kreds Gold/Kreds $USD Gold/$USD
Zong 85 - $1.99 42.71
Zong 225 - $4.99 45.09
Zong 452 - $9.99 45.25
Kong 500 50 10 $5 .00 100
Kong 1300 110 11.81 $10.00 130
Kong 3000 225 13.33 $20 .00 150
Kong 50000 1130* 44.25 $100.00 500
  • The players who buy that gold package get the lvl 150 Sacred Weapons.
  • The players who buy 2 of those gold packages get the lvl 150 Sacred Headwear.

Ways to get SilverEdit

Silver can be earned in 2 ways:

  • Completing a battle in Dungeons or Arenas
  • Completing a Quests with silver reward

With Silver, you can buy the free silver Weapons in the Shikaakwa Town Shop. Also, Skill Whispers and First Aids are available for silver. Everything else, like Clothing and Heads is only available for gold.

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