This is a list of stat growths and other related trees that will give information on which class has the most or the least of something.

Class abbreviations Edit

Class Name Abbreviation/Shorter Version
Arctic Soldier AS
Charmer Charm
Clown N/A
Desert Bandit DB
Evergreen Soldier EGS
Harvest Soldier HS
Hypnotist Hypno
Medicine Man MM
Pathfinder Pathy/PF
Savage Savy
Shaman Sham
Snow Bandit SB
Sun Witch SW
Thaumaturgist Thaum

Stat trees key Edit

Stat trees will start from left where the class with the highest growth will be and end on the right with the class with the lowest growth.

> Indicates that the class has a smaller growth than all the classes to the left of it.
+ Will appear between two classes that have very similar/the same growth.
<> Will appear between two classes that switch on that tree at a certain level. For example, on the damage tree a Scout will hit more than a Shaman, but at some point around level 800, a Shaman will hit more than a Scout if they are both equipping the level 200 class armour.

Note: This tree will give you a rough idea of which classes hit more. However, there are a lot of factors that affect damage, such as targets def/res and the damage gap (which gets noticeably wider the more a class hits).

Damage tree (this is for classes wearing the same level equipment of the classes' preferred attack style):

Thaum > AS > SW > MM + HS + Clair > Clown > DB + EGS + SB > Savage > Pathy > Scout (until 800) Hypno + Shaman > Charmer

HP growth tree:

AS > EGS > HS > MM + Clown > Thaum > Savage > Shaman > Pathy + DB > SB > Hypno > SW > Scout > Charmer + Clair

SP growth tree

Clair > Charmer + SW + Scout > Hypno > Shaman + SB + Pathy + DB > Thaum + Savage > MM + Clown > HS > EGS > AS

Att growth tree:

AS > HS > EGS + SB + DB + Clown > MM + Savage > Pathy > Scout > Charmer > Thaum > SW + Hypno + Shaman > Clair

Mag Growth tree:

Thaum > SW > MM + Clair > Clown > Hypno + Shaman > Charmer > HS > DB + Savage + AS > SB + Pathy + EGS > Scout

Skl Growth tree:

DB + Shaman > SB + EGS > Pathy > Savage + Scout > AS + SW > Charmer + Clown > HS + Clair > MM > Hypno > Thaum

Spd Growth tree:

Scout > Savage > Charmer + Pathy > SB > DB > Clown > HS > EGS + SW > Clair > MM + Shaman + Hypno + AS > Thaum

Lck Growth tree:

Thaum > Charmer > Pathy + DB + Clair + SB > HS + EGS + Scout + AS > Hypno + Savage + Clown > Shaman > SW > MM

Def Growth tree:

AS > Hypno > HS > EGS > Thaum + Clown > DB + Savage + Pathy > Scout + SB + MM + SW > Charmer > Shaman > Clair

Res Growth tree:

Clair > SW + Shaman + Hypno > MM > Thaum > Charmer + Clown > SB > HS + DB > EGS + Scout + Savage > Pathy > AS

Bleed tree Edit

This tree indicates which class has the highest combined def and res growth to the lowest combined res and def growth therefore allowing them to take a small amount or a huge amount of damage. The class that takes the least amount of damage will be on the left and the more damage the class takes the further down (right) the tree it will be.

Note: Speed allows a class to block/resist an attack therefore not contributing to a HP loss, so speed does not affect this tree.

Theory (not proven): Every point of def/res reduces damage by the same percentage of a specific monster's damage, every new point of def/res reduces the damage by a smaller amount, but still by the same percentage of the original damage.

Example: If a frog hit you for 2000, every res/def point may reduce the damage you take by 50. But when the frog hits you for 50, then every res/def point may reduce the damage by 1.

Bleed tree (while a class is wearing its best possible equipment):

Hypno > SW > Clair > Shaman > MM > Thaum + HS > AS > EGS + Clown > DB > SB >Charmer> Savage > Scout > Pathy

Battle timers Edit

Some classes receive a timer boost (the timer refills faster) when they wear level 200 class armour . These classes are: Shaman, Clown, Pathfinder, Snow Bandit, Arctic Soldier and Charmer.

Class Default Level 200 Armor
Arctic Soldier 4500ms 4000ms
Charmer 3200ms 2750ms
Clairvoyant 3750ms 3750ms
Clown 3333ms 2750ms
Desert Bandit 3500ms 3500ms
Evergreen Soldier 3500ms 3500ms
Harvest Soldier 4000ms 4000ms
Hypnotist 3350ms 3350ms
Medicine Man 3750ms 3750ms
Pathfinder 3000ms 2750ms
Savage 3000ms 3000ms
Scout 2750ms 2750ms
Shaman 3000ms 2750ms
Snow Bandit 3333ms 2750ms
Sun Witch 3800ms 3800ms
Thaumaturgist 4500ms 4500ms

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