NPC Information
Name: Jona
Location: Shikaakwa: B3
Description: Keeper of Shikaakwa
After completing A Hero's Introduction/Before completing Edgar's Redemption:
Wow! You really did it! I might have a use for you after all! I'm giving you full clearance to move freely throughout the city. My advice would be to go down to the weapon shop, stock up on some equipment, and consult with our master tactician Edgar.
1. A Hero's Introduction

2. Summerville Search 3

3. Summerville Search 2

4. Summerville Search

5. West Hills Search 3

6. West Hills Search 2

7. West Hills Search

8. Enchanted Challenge

9. Spider Broods

10. Badger Master

11. The Drowned

12. Minions

13. The Haunted Cave

14. Bumps in the Night

15. Aglooliks Slime

16. Grimalkin Sweep

17. Poison Spiders

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