NPC Information
Name: Kishna
Location: Bellroot: A4
Description: Kishna is a NPC located in Bellroot at grid A4. She gives out general information.
Hmm... more competition huh? I Guess I can deal with that...there's plenty of monsters to go around after all...but are you sure you are ready for battle? There are a few basics you how know about:

-You enter a battle by moving onto the red icons. Once you enter, the time bar lets you know when you can attack. You can fight alone, or with a group with other players.

- The battle is over once all enemies have been defeated, and a dungeon is cleared when all red icons have disappeared. Doing this will also restore your Health and Skill Points!

-Buying health potions and upgraded gear with gold and silver is key to taking down tougher enemies.

Finally, there is power in numbers. Each character class has unique fighting skills that can turn the tide of a battle, so working together as a team can make all the difference.

This NPC does not give any quests.

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