Lost Diamonds
Quest Giver: Drake (Plagued Grounds: C6) Location: Plagued Grounds: B6
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Unlocks more of Plagued Grounds
35,000 Experience
30 Gold
Before Quest:
Oh, man...was that close!
I seen some monsters coming my way just now...luckily I was able to get out of their way. Unfortunately I dropped a valuable sleeve of diamonds as I was trying to run away.
When I went back for them, they were gone! But I think I seen the creatures go into those shacks west of here. I'm just not sure which one they went in!
Maybe you could find them...I will certainly give you a share of your findings.

During Quest:

Can you not find them, the shacks are just west of here.

After Quest:

Ah, well done.
Defeat the shacks west of Drake. Go one south, one west and one north to and defeat both dungeons.

Left Shack

Accumulated 9264 XP, 8660 Silver

Right Shack

Accumulated 16358 XP, 14260 Silver

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