Pathfinder Attributes
Starting Attributes 60 70 6 2 7 10 5 5 3
Growth Rate Good Good Good Awful Great Great Poor Poor Awful
Battle Timer: Fast (3.0s @ no latency)
Similar in a lot of respects to their seasonal cousin the scout, Pathfinders often rely on their ability to heal, as well as their blazing speed advantage to outmaneuver stronger, more powerful foes.
Skill Level Skill Cost Skill Description
Bushwhack 1 5 Increase your SPD by 2.
Thicket Trap 1 7 Lower targets SPD by 5.
Ambush 1 5 Catch your target unprepared and do a little damage. (~12 damage)
Bushwhack II 2 18 Increase groups SPD by 2.
Blackberry 3 15 Eat this berry to replenish a little health (~50 health)
Reconnaissance 5 5 A survey of the battlefield lowers the targets DEF by 2.
Ambush II 7 10 Catch your target unprepared and do some damage. (~25 damage)
Bushwhack III 10 50 Increase groups SPD by 5.
Thicket Trap II 13 25 Lower targets SPD by 10.
Thimbleberry 17 30 This rare berry will increase your rate of attack.
Reconnaissance II 21 30 A survey of the battlefield lowers the groups DEF by 2.
Blackberry II 26 50 Eat this berry to replenish some health (~500 health)
Ambush III 31 50 Catch your target unprepared and do more damage. (~340 damage)
Thicket Trap III 37 100 Lower targets SPD by 20.
Bushwhack IV 43 120 Increase groups SPD by 10.
Blackberry III 50 100 Eat this berry to replenish more health (~2000 health)
Thimbleberry II 57 75 This rare berry will increase your rate of attack more.
Ambush IV 73 250 Catch your target unprepared and do lots damage. (~2000 damage?)
Bushwhack V 82 280 Increase groups SPD by 15.
Blackberry IV 91 450 Eat this berry to replenish lots of health (~3400 health to all?)
Ambush V 150 1000 Catch your targets unprepared and do lots of damage to all enemies.
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Charmer Desert Bandit Clown Arctic Soldier
Evergreen Soldier Hypnotist Harvest Soldier Clairvoyant
Scout Pathfinder Savage Medicine Man
Shaman Sun Witch Thaumaturgist Snow Bandit


  • One of the fastest battle timers in the game
  • Excellent group healing skill (Blackberry IV) and mid range healing skill (Blackberry III)
  • Level 150 skill is a group attack with no chance to fail.
  • High hit and dodge rate
  • Level 125 weapon has 10 more ATT than average
  • Level 200 armour has an attack rate boost, making it tied for fastest class.
  • Blackberry IV is the best non-full AOE heal with no chance of fail


  • Very low RES and fairly low DEF make the pathfinder vulnerable to all types of attacks
  • Medium ATT growth means the pathfinder will do less damage per turn than many classes

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