NPC Information
Name: Paul
Location: Shikaakwa: C1, C2, D2
Description: Paul is a guide to Guild vs Guild and PvP (Player vs Player) battles.
In C2:
PvP is where you can fight others with up to 5 people per team.
Guild vs Guild is similar but you can only join the team with your own guild, and you can't join with others who are not in your guild.
Good luck!

In C1 and D2:

This is a good place to challenge people, organize your fights and decide which portal you want to fight in.
Once you go into the portal you will see 2 battle portals, people who go into the green portal will fight against the people who go into the blue portal.
Decide which team will go in the blue portal and which team will go in the green portal.
This NPC does not give any quests.

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