NPC Information
Name: Rosie
Location: Rams Head Tavern in Bellroot: H4
Description: Rosie runs a tavern named Rams Head located in Southeast Bellroot.

She will only serve you a drink if you completed quest Pay the Tab.

Legend says some adventurers from Rosies Customer guild still visit her tavern once in a while, to share with their heroic tales.

Before finishing any of her quests:
Hey cuitie, Leeandra told me you helped to get us new supplies...thank you! Please, feel free to look around!

After finishing all her quests:

Here is your drink!

Rosie's Map quests:

  1. Missing Drinks
  2. Rosies Map 1
  3. Rosies Map 2
  4. Rosies Map 3
  5. Rosies Map 4
  6. Rosies Map 5
  7. Pay the Tab

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