Shikaakwa is the starting city. First quests can be received here. It's also the location of the Shikaakwa Town Shop, the store where silver weapons can be bought.


1 To Coldwoods Shikaakwa Map c1
2 To West Hills Shikaakwa Map a2 Shikaakwa Map b2 Shikaakwa Map c2 Shikaakwa Map d2
3 Shikaakwa Map a3 Shikaakwa Map b3 To Bellroot
4 To Summerville Shikaakwa Map b4
5 Shikaakwa Map b5

Locations in which new players begin their adventure.

No portals lead to them, so they can only be seen once after creating an account.

Shikaakwa Map b5 Shikaakwa Map b4

NPCs Edit

Name Location
Bella B3
Blake B4
Camier A2
Claire B3
Edgar A3
Floria A3
Guard A3
Jona B3
Livria A2
Lord Arethen B2
Mercier A2
Moria A3
Neville A3
Paul C1, D2, D2

Quests Edit

Name Giver NPC Giver NPC Location EXP Rewards Gold & Silver Rewards
Edgar's Redemption Edgar Shikaakwa: A3 none 100 Silver
The Evil to the East Edgar Shikaakwa: A3 none 300 Silver
Lost Locket Moria Shikaakwa: A3 100 350 Silver

Jona's Quests Edit

Name EXP Rewards Gold & Silver Rewards
A Hero's Introduction* 10 50 Silver
Summerville Search 3 100 2 Gold
Summerville Search 2 100 2 Gold
Summerville Search 100 2 Gold
West Hills Search 3 100 2 Gold
West Hills Search 2 100 2 Gold
West Hills Search 100 2 Gold
Enchanted Challenge 100 2 Gold
Spider Broods none 200 Silver & 2 Gold
Badger Master none 300 Silver & 2 Gold
The Drowned none 2 Gold
Minions 100 2 Gold
The Haunted Cave 100 2 Gold
Bumps in the Night 100 2 Gold
Aglooliks Slime 100 2 Gold
Grimalkin Sweep 100 2 Gold
Poison Spiders 100 2 Gold


Name Abbreviation Location EXP Rewards Gold & Silver Rewards
Bear Invasion 3 BI3 / SHA Shikaakwa: C2 3,000,000 200 Gold

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