General Style Guide Edit

Is there any sort of general style guide for anything? Table width/color/size? Organization? Area formatting? Map formatting? I think that'd be really helpful, because I think every editor is doing their own thing right now, and the code will get disorganized super fast that way. Grammarxcore 06:47, October 2, 2009 (UTC)

More restrictions Edit

Make people register??

Accountable actions etc.

These anonymous contributors help alot but also add problems!

Completely agree about registering. Somebody has twice changed 'Level 140 weapons are gone' to 'WERE gone', which is either bad information or bad grammar, as the weapons are permanently removed. It would be nice to prevent all the information gathering and time spent on formatting and input to be kept in tact, not ruined by a spiteful little kid.


Again, we really should at least require registration. We've had people coming in and making pages with nothing in them, making the site look bad. After all the hard work and research that's gone in, any joe who can click a mouse shouldn't be able to mess things up or just 'start new stuff' because he wants to see his name on a page.

Hey, this is a wiki page. You can't really expect any differnet, and I feel the actual quality of some pages would be lower if registration were required to edit pages. On the other hand, I guess it does help track down those annoying people who delete whole pages, leaving blank space.

CREED: Requiring people to put forth effort to register means less casual people who mess with things 'because they can', and people who actually care enough to register will spend time on the site. That's a good thing, by the way...

Good example: Some guy decides to make his own guide on how to level a Snow Bandit. We already have that, why do we need another one? He should instead contribute to what is there, add suggestions or alternative ideas, rather than making his own new page.

It may sound stupid or silly to you, but some people are so 'excited' about creating there own wiki page they forget to actually check to see if the page has already been made.

CREED: Rethink that statement and please explain how it is good for the wiki to have people not properly researching before they rush to put their name on the site for personal gain instead of looking out for the good of the site.

At no point did I say doing so was a good thing.

To-do list Edit

BigA2020: the castor training area should be updated to include death sands

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